Nikon D600 and D610 product reveiw and sensor dust issue explained

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Our beloved Nikon introduced the D600 as a affordable full frame camera with a whopping 24mp full frame sensor in the price range of $2000.00 and advanced amateurs ran to the stores to purchase it, and many professionals also purchased it as an affordable backup camera. As they flew off the retail store shelves, a manufacturing issue arose…. black paint, baked onto the shutter blade arms began to flake off as small dust particles and began showing up in photos like typical sensor dust. Nikon immediately issues a “service advisory” and replaced the faulty parts on all D600 cameras affected at no cost to the customers. Problem solved?? Yes, but after customers got the cameras back and began using them, typical sensor dust getting on the sensors prompted customers to thinking the problem was never truly resolved and kept returning theses cameras every time common sensor dust appeared in the images. This became a massive financial issue for Nikon and the only was to end it was to introduce a replacement camera named the D610. The D610 was the only way Nikon could finally stop the financial bleeding over the D600’s sensor dust issue. So what do we think about the Nikon D600 and new D610??

The D600 and D610 are NOT, we repeat NOT, professional grade cameras capable of handling high volume of shutter releases and daily handling that professional require. The D600 and D610 are built for amateurs that what to use a full frame camera for holidays, parties and vacation pictures etc. There is a give and take for everything….. to be able to create a full frame 24pm sensor in the $2000.00 price range, sturdy mechanical design was lost  and more plastic parts were utilized to achieve the selling price. In closing, the D600 and D610 are entry level full frame cameras and should NOT be used for professionals that shoot a high volume of pictures. If your a professional and want to keep one in your camera bag as a back up camera to your professional grade full frame camera, just be aware of what it is you have in your bag. If you have sensor dust on any type of DSLR camera, please remember to bring it in and let our factory trained technicians clean you camera sensor, the sensor is very expensive and delicate and you should never attempt to clean it your self. If the cameras built-in sensor cleaning system fails to clean it fully, let us do the job right and prevent damage to the camera. We receive cameras every week with scratched  sensors, damaged shutters and view finder damage by customers attempting to clean the cameras themselves. Don’t make this mistake yourself!! For service and repairs, professional sensor cleaning and more, visit our web site at or by calling us toll free at (866) RUSH-FIX.

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