Sony HVL-F60M overheating issue resolved by SPTS Miami

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Master technician Isaac Hadid comes to the rescue again to solve the flash complaints of Sony photographers.

Isaac and his staff at Southern Photo Technical Service In Miami Florida has made a modification for the Sony HVL-F60M flashes that allows about 44 shots at Manual 1/2 power in 77deg room temp before it shuts down. This has allowed customers to use the flash normally without the premature shut down. The web site is

Finding solutions to satisfy our customers gives us great pleasure and we were getting so many inquiries from our valued customers that we knew we needed to find a reasonable solution, and we were successful. This modification allows our customers to get the results they are looking for without harm to the equipment.

You can call their tech support line at (866) RUSH-FIX if you have any questions!!

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