Important Service Advisories for all Sony mirrorless cameras!!

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Sony has finally acknowledged that too many of their mirrorless cameras have been overheating and damaging the main circuit boards, mainly due to shooting long videos. Sony has issued new firmware updates to help prevent these over heating issues and it is strongly suggested to have all cameras updated before they fail. The firmware for Sony mirrorless cameras are difficult and very time consuming. You can check your firmware version by visiting

We are here to help! We charge $50.00 per camera for the firmware installation and these firmware updates can save you a $400.00 repair!! So please check your cameras, and bring us your camera to be updated to prevent a very costly repair. NO!! Sony will not do the repairs for free if your camera fails, and the new firmware was not installed.

All Nikon and Canon firmware updates are still installed by us at no charge and only take a few minutes! It is the complicated, time consuming Sony’s that we must charge $50.00 for a factory trained technician to install properly.

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