Canon TSi error 99 service and repair for Canon Rebel TSi error 99

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Canon EOS Rebel TSi cameras that display error 99 has encountered an exposure error. Error 99 maybe a lens issue or shutter malfunction in the camera. If your Canon EOS Rebel TSi camera does display error 99, remove the lens and set the exposure mode to manual exposure mode and take a few shots without the lens attached to see if the error message is produced again. If the error 99 only occurs with the lens attached, the error is produced by a lens diaphragm failure. If the error 99 occurs without the lens attached, then the camera does have a shutter malfunction. In both cases, the faulty lens or camera is in need of professional repairs by a Canon Factory Authorized Service Center. Southern Photo Technical Service in Miami Florida is the Canon Authorized Service Center of choice for Canon professional photographers and enthusiast, seeking the service and repairs for all types of Canon cameras, lenses flashes and copiers.  Southern Photo, established in 1948 also provides repair services on older, discontinued Canon cameras and lenses that Canon USA no longer supports. Whether your in need of a warranty, or non-warranty repair, Southern Photo has factory trained technicians and the proper tools and test equipment to provide you with quality repairs for your valued Canon equipment. Visit or call Toll Free (866) RUSH-FIX for service and support.

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