Canon EOS 700D review by Canon Service Center Miami

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If you’re looking for a simple digital SLR camera, perhaps even your first digital SLR camera, Canon’s EOS 700D is ideal. It comes in a relatively small size, it has an easy control scheme, and it will allow you to take impressive photos from the get-go. The technical specs are what you would expect of a new model, which is to say it has a large megapixel count (18 megapixels), it can record Full HD video, and it comes with a hinged screen that supports touch. The body has a soft texture that feels good to hold and it’s relatively small overall. When coupled with a not-at-all-heavy lens, such as the 18-55mm kit lens (image-stabilized and with a stepping motor for smooth and silent focusing), the EOS 700D will end up feeling very light in your hands — at least for a digital SLR. This is a entry level type camera and is not suitable for professionals or advanced amateurs that shoot a high volume of shutter releases. This 700D is built like all other Rebel type series and is perfect for a first time DSLR buyer. For the service and repair of Canon EOS 700D, call toll free 866-RUSH-FIX or visit our web site at

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